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During a move, I made a rare discovery. I found the last box of original cassette tapes that had been recorded for sale on Venice Beach of music recorded live at Venice Beach CA. These are the originals. Many have copied and repacked this music, but here it is,  the actual cassettes as passed out to fans and music lovers by the Ted himself.  Now you can own an authentic piece of this history but act fast because there are only                

Ted Hawkins music

Cont: remaining less than one hundred fifty of these rare and impossible to find recordings of Ted Hawkins songs that he recorded live at Venice Beach just for his loving fans. These are the complete recordings, all 90 minutes. Enjoy Ted's music just as he wanted the entire collection to be heard. These cassette tapes are not just the complete recordings that have been edited and watered down, these are literally collectors' items. and  literally impossible to find collectors items.


Like I said this is the original cassette with all songs on two sides as it was meant to be heard :






SIDE ONE:                               SIDE TWO

1.  Got What I Want                         1.  Part Time Love

2.  There Stands A Glass                  2.  Quotations

3.  Dock of the Bay                           3.  San Francisco

4.  Chrystal Chandelier                    4.  Love You Most of All

5.  Just My Imagination                    5.  Ladder of Success

6.  Cheating Heart                           6.  Blowing in the Wind

7.  Gypsy Woman                             7.  To Busy Thinking "Bout

8.  Let The Good Times Roll              8.  North to Alaska

9.  Having a Party                             9.  Quite Place

10. Chain Gang                                 10. Country Road

11. Share Your Love                         11. Searching For My Love

12. Bring it On Home To Me              12. Don't Ever Leave Me

13. Groove                                        13. Green Green Grass

                                                         14. Somebody Have Mercy


Until recently, not known to exist. Now available to you in limited quantities. When they are gone they are gone for good. I will not reproduce these cassettes. They are the originals.

Get yours now for only $12.55 plus S&H



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