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The Lost Tapes

Ted Hawkins music

During a move, I made a rare discovery. I found the last box of original cassette tapes that had been recorded for sale on Venice Beach of music recorded live at Venice Beach CA. These are the originals. Many have copied and repacked this music, but here it is,  the actual cassettes as passed out to fans and music lovers by the Ted himself.  Now you can own an authentic piece of this history but act fast because there are only More…






The Photo

Ted Hawkins Venice Beach


This is somewhat of a famous photo of Ted. Although it has been used for years and is the famous album cover for "Songs from Venice Beach"  not too many people know the story behind that iconic photograph. It all started one early morning in 1985.

We had decided that we needed just such a photo for an album cover. Naturally it had to be a Venice Beach shot. That's where Ted made his music. At 4 AM, we had an early morning breakfast at the Santa Monica Cafe. We happened to buy 40 singles off our waitress who was finishing her shift.  We wanted not only to catch the dawn light but also that early morning, coastal fog that the beach is known for.  We made it to Venice and stuffed  the jar with singles  and Ted carefully draped a five dollar bill over the lip of the jar.

A good friend, Ken Woo who was a CBS cameraman at the time, was the photographer and did an excellent job of staging the shot.  Ted just had to be himself and the rest, as they say, was history.


Ted Hawkins photo


Well there you have it right on my living room wall. The actual photograph taken at sunrise that glorious morning on Venice Beach. 



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